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7 Projects contributing to the $14 billion of development underway in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has always been a place averse to signs of aging, having new developments is never a surprise. This time we have more than $14 billion under construction, which is nothing short of amazing. The extraordinary impact of all the cranes is already being felt across the whole valley. Is the city remaking one of the worlds most recognizable roads in the world?

With that in mind, we created a list with some of the most impressive and interesting developments that are in construction right now and which might be finished either in 2019 or 2020 and beyond. One thing is certain, Las Vegas always tends to have something in development, and at this time you will find some amazing, massive projects that are under construction. It’s interesting to see how much the landscape has changed even in the past decade.

This is great for Las Vegas as a city, because it brings in great, new features for tourists. After all, Vegas is known for being a prime destination for people all over the world. Some of the projects listed below are related to tourism, but some of them are created specifically for locals. Either way, they are all amazing and you will be quite impressed to learn that there are more than $14 billion in development right now throughout Las Vegas!

  1. $400 million UnCommons development

This new development is coming in the SW part of Las Vegas and it’s created with the idea of a one-stop shop. The idea behind UnCommons is that once a company moves in, the employees will be able to work, shop and live in the same place. This approach is unique, and while the developers looked at Austin and Nashville as potential candidates, they settled with Las Vegas because this city brings them more opportunities and there’s a large demand for new jobs.

The first phase will start with office spaces that cover 150k square feet, this also includes retail, parking garages, restaurants and 875 apartment units. People nearby are excited about this development. The idea is that this establishment is something innovative and also quite expensive. The groundbreaking part is set for early next year, phase one is estimated to be completed towards the middle of 2021. UnCommons is certainly one of the developments you need to keep an eye on.

2. Las Vegas Raiders Stadium

By far one of the most exciting developments in Las Vegas at this time is the Las Vegas Raiders stadium. This one has 65k seats and it’s an indoor football stadium. The overall cost is around $1.8 billion. This is a very interesting development that continues to impress everyone with the huge scale of this entire project. There’s no specific completion date, but that might be around mid-2020. Its construction started in September 2017, and there weren’t that many problems that would push the development. A lot of people suggest that the Las Vegas Raiders stadium will most likely be ready just in time for the 2020 NFL season. One thing is certain, this stadium is nothing short of extraordinary, having a domed stadium in Vegas does stand out quite a bit and the stadium is also set to bring in all the latest technologies and features as you might imagine.

3. Las Vegas Convention Center ExpansionThe Las Vegas Convention Center expansion is also a very expensive development that’s already in construction. This is more of an expansion rather than a new construction, but, it’s already visually impressive and the Las Vegas Convention Center is set to become one of the main attractions in the city. That being said, this expansion will cost around $935.1 million, so it’s very expensive, but it might be quite a great addition for people that are coming to the city for the first time. The economy of South Nevada is driven by tourism, so expanding the Las Vegas Convention Center will help bring in a much better way to serve tourists that visit this magnificent city. Since the tourism industry generates around $60 billion in total for Southern Nevada, it’s easy to see why expanding the current Las Vegas Convention Center and offering even more assistance and support to customers can pay off very well.

3. MSG Sphere

The MSG Sphere is a music and entertainment venue built in Paradise, Nevada and it’s set to be complete in 2021. It will have a capacity of around 18000 people and it will also include 19000 by 13500 resolution LED screens that will be spread within the venue’s interior. All seats have high-speed internet access, which will help make this venue even more impressive and interesting than it is at this particular time.

On top of that, the MSG Sphere is set to have a powerful sound system that will deliver sound through the floorboards. And to top it all off, the exterior of the venue will include a 360-degree IMAX display that will make it easy for people on the outside to see what’s happening inside the venue. This is a next-gen entertainment venue that’s set to impress everyone with its complexity and resounding features.

5. Resorts World Casino

Having yet another resort in Las Vegas might not seem like huge news. But Resorts World Casino wants to make things a bit different here. This development is built on an 87-acre site on the Las Vegas Strip and despite the construction starting in 2018, this project is set to be completed at some point in 2020. There are many great features related to the Resorts World Casino. The primary thing here is that Paul Curtis Steelman and the Steelman Partners managed the architectural design. As a result, the entire project looks downright amazing, and it will bring in lots of people excited by gambling to the city. That being said, the Resorts World Casino project is also located very close to the Sky Condominium Las Vegas. That alone makes it a very good investment and the condos also have quite a bit to earn from having a stellar, impressive resort located right near them.

6. Marriott's 4000+ Mega Hotel Resort AKA The Drew

Marriott is known for the fact that they always try to push the boundaries with new developments. They have a new resort under construction in Las Vegas. The project is set to be named The Drew and it will feature more than 4000 luxury rooms. Including in this resort project there will be more than 500000 square feet of meeting and convention space for the business visitors as well. Another interesting thing about this project is that the Drew Las Vegas will feature more than 90000 square feet of gaming space. Obviously this will be more than enough to host thousands of players as they enjoy a great gambling experience. The story of this project is quite intriguing because it has been in development for quite some time. It was started back in 2005, and the project name was Fontainebleau Las Vegas. Then it entered bankruptcy in 2009, so it was put on hold for quite some time. Years later Marriot International decided to give this a shot, and now they are working hard to complete one of the most interesting and promising resorts in Las Vegas.

7. Las Vegas Ballpark

The Las Vegas Ballpark is a $150 million construction created specifically for baseball lovers. The project has an opening date of April 9 2019. The Howard Hughes Corporation owns this Las Vegas Ballpark and the entire project is set to bring in some astounding visual and feature upgrades when compared to many stadiums out there.

However, the construction process and more particularly the initial steps were a bit hard to complete mostly because the stadium’s sewage system backed up and that did end up being the reason why they invested in these new features. It’s certainly something unique and powerful, which might end up bringing in some rather interesting and powerful features to the table for the most part.

How can these projects help Las Vegas?It’s very important to note that most of these projects are commercial, so they are bound to bring in a lot of visitors to the city. Unlike anything you can find in the world, with the UnCommons development being a prime example in this regard.

Another important thing to note about Las Vegas is that it’s the perfect place for this type of developments. They are very creative, unique and distinctive, and they are changing the economic and touristic landscape quite a bit.

Having more than $14 billion in active developments clearly shows that Las Vegas is a prime destination for tourists and the economic landscape is very favorable for new developments. Which is why more and more developers are constantly trying to acquire new pieces of land as they invest in visually impressive, massive projects.

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