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With the second half of 2016 underway, Las Vegas is on the verge of becoming the next great American City. As so many of you that live in Las Vegas know, outsiders can’t comprehend how somebody can “live in Las Vegas”. Whether they’re 22 or 72, the majority of them know Las Vegas as Sin City and their two to three day stint on the strip. We ask our out of state clients if they’ve ever been off the strip, 95% never have. There is a stigma about Las Vegas that has eliminated Southern Nevada as an option for many corporate relocations, without exploring the true community we locals call home.

We feel this is all about to change. We are on the doorsteps of what is going to be a new Las Vegas for years to come. Why all of the sudden? Well it’s been a work in progress for years and is now just starting to shed light on those efforts.

Back when the Great Recession occurred, our state made an effort to identify other industries to draw to Nevada to diversify our economy and not be solely reliant on gaming and construction. Those efforts continue today, creating a drastically different landscape in the business community of Southern Nevada.

We are in the forefront of the advancement of transportation (Tesla, Faraday, UAV Testing, Hyperloop 1, Autonomous Vehicles, etc.). We are advancing in medical studies with a UNLV Medical School, Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health, and Roseman University leading the charge. Technology companies like Switch, and Banjo calling Las Vegas home. Logistics and Operations with millions of square feet of new distribution space being developed and leased by major corporations.

With all of the new companies and successes to Southern Nevada, none are more important than the NHL and potentially the NFL. What makes a professional sports team different? It’s what it is going to do for us as a community. Las Vegas is one of the most transient cities in North America, with roughly 80% of the population coming from somewhere else.

When we look back at what was the change that brought Las Vegas into the conversation of those companies looking to establish a significant presence here, it will be major sports. It will bring greater attention to a market that has always been known for gambling and conventions.

But most importantly it will give all residents of Las Vegas a true sense of home. A common bond we as locals have never experienced before. A team we can identify with to support, cheer, cry and grow with for generations to come.

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